Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My album is released!

Finaly my second album is released on strange life record.
Thanks everyone for the suport all the time.
And thanks to Smackos for doing this release!

Mono-Poly - Atlantic Storm


Anonymous said...

hi dennis...

the atlantic storm cd arrived last week and i like it very much. my favs so far are:
uboat huntdown, augep2, black sunday and alphalink.
the sound of this cd in general really makes me want a modular system.
you did a good work with this.
i´ve heard a lot of several noise-music the last weeks and often enough there are annoying parts in it(like accidential parts or getting out of control) or it´s simply made without feelin. this is what i like with this cd - powerful sound made with sensitivity.

but enough of brown-nosing now ;)



Anonymous said...

oh , i forgot:

the nice card wich is in the box is nice also. the athmosphere of the photo reminds me of switched on bach - wendy carlos.

mono-poly said...

Hey thx for the nice comments about my album.