Thursday, June 10, 2010

[DJ Mixes]Ray Van Mechelen mixes

I'm sharing some mixes by "Ray Van Mechelen" who mixes real nice stuff and uses tracks by me from time to time.

Deep Space Floater:

Christopher Bisonette - Provenance
Chris Meloche - Not Yet Broken
Alio Die - Thank You Lucky Star
Mono-Poly - Alphalink
Bass Communion - Ghosts On Magnetic Tape V
Kallabris - No, My Dear, It's Only The Heating
Stars Of The Lid - Music For Twin Peaks Episode #30 II
Stilluppsteya - Wheel Who Doesn't Do Anything
Brian Eno - Ikebukuro
Jochem Paap - Un-Klkkn
Milieu - The Singsong Waters Of An Endless Sea
Vidna Obmana - Ephemeral Vision
Paul Schutze - Sleep II
Subterranean Source - Subliminal Ghosts
Troum - Shutin (Excerpt)
Alio Die - Alternate Realities
Wicked Messenger - The Temple: The Ajaw's Dance
Vidna Obmana - Aqua 1 (theme)
Mathias Grassow - Holy
Brian Lavelle - You Fill The Wood With Wonder


Frequent Returning Julie:

Caul - Hidden
Subterranean Source - Spiritual Darkness
Audela - 39 Mysterions
Mandelbrot - Unterwasserswefelquellen
David Lynch - The Air Is On Fire
Deathprod - Dead People's Things
David Kristian - Ghost Storeys
Hall Of Mirrors - Entrance
Aphex Twin - Domino
Biosphere - Trasparenza
David Lynch - Woods Variation
Troum - Tjukurpa (Part I - Drones)
Manifesto - Barren 2
Reynolds - 10,000 Chickens' Symphony Part I
Wicked Messenger - Ritual Trance
Nathan Siter - The Bends Rmx
Christian Renou - Après, Bientôt Et Encore
Mono-Poly - Augep2


Self Fulfilling Condolence:

Aube - Belzec Distress
Ian Martin - Negative Sky
Manifesto - Core
Tod Dockstader - Lala
Troum - Trahan
Deathprod - Treetop Drive 3
Aphex Twin - Untitled
Mono-Poly - U-Boat Huntdown
Unknown Artist - May The Plague Be With You 1
Subterranean Source - Growing
Maëror Tri - Disintegrating Time
Wicked Messenger - I
Hollow Earth - Floor Of Hell
Mono-Poly - Bara Beach Sem Drone


Enjoy them and big kudo's to RVM!

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